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  Huizhou HaoJiaXing industrial Co., LTD
address: Huizhou Chong kai high-tech zone
Tong qiao town hongcun these macros sichuan road
Zip code:
phone: 0752-5199890
Straight line: 0752-5199881
fax: 0752-5579928
E-Mail: [email protected]
             Huizhou HaoJiaXing industrial limited

          company is located in huizhou guangdong

          Tong Chong kai high-tech zone province

          qiao town, was a strict management, the

          quality of excellence Professional circuit

          board manufacturing company…

“Fast speed, stable quality, favorable price

and the most perfect after-sale service”

· 高精密PCB線路板的水平電鍍工藝解析 [2011-12-26]
· LED鋁基板的工藝及材料選擇 [2011-12-26]
· 我國PCB設備行業的發展現狀和未來 [2011-12-23]
· 我國電子制造業能耗增長率逐年遞減 [2011-12-23]
· 富士康(衡陽)工業園動土啟基 [2011-12-23]
· 奧寶科技在蘇州成立新公司 加大本地化研發 [2011-12-23]
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